Collateral Instinct

Kill, kill, kill, kill - every who's you see
You give them death.
Kill, kill, kill, kill - every who's disturb
You knife in his blood.
Kill again and you learning sweet.
His blood as a vine.
As if again you come to eternity.
You wish to kill again.

You give me knife, and people were horrified
That sound in me what hear you - it awakened
And anger you I try to burn
In me and full of emptiness.

I see a death. My soul is singing, crying
What he hide in his life - all were died.

Pain, pain, pain - people feel the pain again
Cries, groaning and desperation not helped him.
Hands is ripping with struggle, crack and crunch
Cutting flash blunted, ripping skin to parts in the mind.


The night is standing in my eyes
Was broken the stars, disturbed silence and pain.
Face of the sky to cover his eyes
Scream gives damnation across walls again.
Demon to hear it and fetch warm blood.

The ring were close and eternity stand
It were peace for me
But not here+

I'm painting death for my soul
My mind is shudder, my breath come freeze

Butcher shown my painful fate
Commission death my chosen flesh
Is the end of my life?

The day, forgetter and blind, is wreck
In window I see two pillars on the ground
Keys of my chamber is ringing - I hear
Depressing fear, he stands more powerful
Butcher wait, he chose a lucky moment
With clash, he opened door, now hope is dead+

Death is come
Pain in my eyes
Butcher not wait
My fear is die+

Mind across Limit

Alienation of this world calls to changes
Only aim is not clear only instinct of a survival
Will bring back to life thoughts are filled with poison
I am better to die and not to feel a pain.

But I exist in this fucking world
I do not want to stay here

Mind searches for freedom but if to make thought free
They will achieve critical height and the reality will fall
The world will change, dictating new orders
And not the fact, that it will become better.

Human's behaviors is frighten
And disgust on it becomes growing.

Bloody Purify

Curve mirror deforms the world
I see it by other
Hate in it doesn't decrease
And everyone strives to clean

Cruelty doesn't burn down in minds
Search the truth go to them go
The bloody rivers will rush from the ground
Drink this blood and raise dead bodies.

Bloody meat lies under feet
Rotten idea destroys the brain
Dust everywhere doesn't decrease
How I'll survive
I don't know+

I shall gift fear and death
I'll clean the city, I'll raise the darkness

Before The Dawn

Acidic rain washes off blood
I can't see stars I only hear the silence
Only breathe of death you feel here
You sleep and see graves luster

Since morning you will see her eyes
They are looking direct in you
In the dusk shadows are flashing
Take your mind and observe through sight

And till dawn I shall to live
If not to live, so I will fly
And I will fly direct to sky
For life, for death, for memory,
But here+
I die twice a day
And return, but don't know what for
And in war I don't understand
I'm killing and they're killing me
Before the dawn I will recall on those
Who have killed and not with us anywhere
I know why I'm here by burn for breathing
I'll temporize the moment and for revenge will all.

The sun is shining the land in blood
All sounds have calmed, al as one
Only smell of death, only here in one
The dawn have come, we have the day.

In tears will drowned your former fear
I saw the night and see the ash
And hundreds life's in stones stay
The circle will reserve - the dawn will come.

Virus Of Suicide

The mind will be closed, the blood will be stopped.
Hearts and souls will disappear as dreams.
All will perish and will touching world
Ugliness of grave's luster+ through tears

Death will cure cold of graves
Lightning in dusk is burning the regime
Death is coming, cold in the night
We are wiped off the life on Earth by ourselves

Suicide's pretenders we are approaching the end
Ghost of the sky had forget in chains
Devil was not able do search him
The killer hided his face in ice.

Years of oblivion are destroying dreams
Rays are bringing tortures and pain
All worlds has infected by poison of "Earth"
Penetrated outside - will sprout inside.

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